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Our names are Marta and Czeslaw.
Here is some more information about us:

I have graduated from a Pedagogic Academy of Cracow with a Master's Degree in History. The link between history and everyday life has always fascinated me. I spent four years in The United States. This is where I have mastered my command of English. Upon my return to Cracow I decided to use it in speaking to foreigners about this city's history. I have always enjoyed many different cultures, and therefore, I would like others to enjoy mine as well. For the past 4 years I have been working as a licensed, English speaking guide and tour escort. I still remember all my guests from different countries, but first of all Rick Steves (guidebook author). I hope you will enjoy my tours!

mob:+48 603 668 008

Together with my wife we create a team of professionals. I drive two of our minibuses - both VW, both fully equipped with AC and many useful features, both complying with passengers safety regulations. They are 5 and 8 seaters. I have a great deal of experience in driving not only in Poland but in neighbouring countries such as Czech Rep. , Austria, Germany and Hungary. As a genuine highlander born in Zakopane I can gladly share my vast knowledge of the Tatra mountains region. I can communicate quite fairly in English and also have all necessary licencies and certificates.


mob:+48 603 36 80 08


Meet us, meet different culture,
Meet Poland!