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My Past Guest's Comments

-meeting with English speaking guide in your hotel
-walking tour along Szeroka Street-before the World War II, the centare of Jewish life.
- On the main street we can see three Jewish temples. The most precious of these is the Old Synagogue (Alte Schul), Next we can visit the Renaissance Remuh Synagogue (mid-16th century) is a cemetery dating back to even earlier times. Among the tombs, there is Rabbi Moses Isserles (died 1572), to which Jews make pilgrimage from the furthest parts of the world and only from outside the 17th-century Popper Synagogue.
-Next we will continiu the Jewish Heritage Route we can see the rest of Synagogues like: Tempel Synagogue was built early in the latter half of the 19th century for the Society of Progressive Jews ,the 17th-century Kupa Synagogue , we will reach Isaac Synagogue built in the years 1638-1644 and the Wysoka (High) Synagogue, built towards in the latter half of the 16th century
-We can visit Galicja Museum but it is up to you.
-Next we can go to the New Jewish Cemetery
-Heroes of Ghetto Square-the place of the Jewish ghetto from the times of the World War II
-Oscar Schindler's factory-the original building of factory where Schindler employed the Jewish people (the place used by Steven Spielberg in the movie The Schindler's List)
-Plaszow-the former Nazi concentration camp- the monument of the camp's victims (Please note that the Ghetto Square, Schindler's factory and Plaszow are located far from each other, that is why we suggest to use a car for this part of the tour)
-come back to your hotel by a car


Duration of the tour-about 4 hours
Price; For 1-3 people is 300 PLN this is 75 Euro
For 4-8 people is 350 PLN this is 88 Euro.
The price for whole day tour is 500 PLN this is 120 Euro. This include guide service and the cost of car or van transfer (the price is calculated according the number of participants)
Each person has to also pay for entrance tickets (about 4 Euro per person).
Our cars and vans are modern and comfortable.
It's possible to have a lunch in a Jewish style restaurant in Kazimierz (we arrange it on your request).