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Ojcow National Park
Ojcow National Park - established in 1956. lt has an area of 1,890 ha of which forests occupy 1,349 ha, and 251 ha fully covered with forest are under strict protection. It is a second smallest among the Polish National Parks. The wealth of the Ojcow National Park embraces rich plant and animal life, an unusual landscape made up of canyons up to 120 m deep, and white limestone cliffs containing innumerable caves (in fact about 215), formed by the eroding action of water. The Park's Museum, located in Ojcow, houses a rich collection exemplifying the region's flora, fauna, geological samples and archeological discoveries. The village of Ojcow, with the ruins of a gothic castle, and nearby Pieskowa Skala Castle, are tourist centers located within the park boundary. Magnificent landscapes created by Jurassic rocks of unusual shapes.

Situated about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Cracow.
-car transfer from your hotel to Ojcow (about 50 min.) with English speaking guide-tour escort
- a stroll to the ruins of 14th century castle in Ojcow (from the top-beautiful views)
-30-min. stroll to the rock called Cracow Gate
-transfer by car to the gothic castle of Pieskowa Skala (inner courtyard, exhibition of European art in castle chambers)
-transfer back to Cracow (en route Jurassic rocks of Ojcow National Park in such strange shapes like Hercules Club, wooden 19th century chapel called the Chapel on the Water, 19th century mill and wooden houses of the former spa in Ojcow)

Tour duration: about 4 hours
From 1-3 people the price is 400 PLN this is 88 Euro for the service of guide-tour escort and the cost of car transfer.
From 4-8 people the price is 500 PLN this is 113 Euro for the service of guide-tour escort and the cost of car transfer.
Each person has to also pay for entrance tickets to the castles (about 3 Euro per person).